Teaching Training and Consultation offered by the CBT Centre in York


 Teaching and Training provided by the Centre

The Centre offers teaching and training on a range of topics. Some examples are listed below:

  • Stress management
  • managing stress in the workplace
  • psychological assessment and formulation
  • treatment interventions for common mental health problems using a the CBT approach
  • specific topics such as depression, anxiety phobias, OCD etc...
  • tools and techniques used in the practice of CBT
  • schematherapy
  • schema mode therapy
  • Professional Issues

This is not an exhaustive list so contact the Centre to discuss your requirements if what you are looking for is not on the list. Teaching and training sessions can range from one hour to a full day (depending on your requirements) and can employ a range of teaching methods of teaching including diadactic teaching, experiential techniques, role play and small group exercises.



The Centre offers a consultation service to individuals and organisations on a range of psychological matters. A number of different types of consultations will be available.

Some examples of these include consultation to individuals or groups  such as GPs or other health professionals ,who have challenging clients (client centred), enabling others such as nurses to develop their skills (consultee centred), stress management groups (programme centred), allowing individuals to function more effectively in their role and working with an organization to solve problems (organizational consultation). 


Please contact the Centre to discuss your requirements. Contact us




Contact details

Director: Dr Martin Bamber

Consultant Clinical Psychologist


York CBT Centre


Online therapy service only at the present time









Consultation times

Monday to Thursday

9.00am - 5.00 pm